July 2, 2011


hari ini excited nak update blog yang dah lama tak dipostkan dengan post yang terbaru.actually im juz finished watced 3-Idiots.Conlusion just in two words REALLY AWESOME. yeah im quite late watch this movie. like english word said: "Biarkan lambat daripada tidak buat langsung"-correct me if im wrong. really meaningful story. especially me as an engineering student. who will be an engineer someday. My lecturers always motivate us and took examples from this story. Somehow before I watched this movie, i didn't get the views. But after watched this story i'm totally get it what my lecturers always said about. Someone who are not watch this movie, yet i really advice you to download it and watch it now. Especially who wannabe an Engineer. A short synopsis, this story is about a man who really want to learn and he learn it in different ways. A lot of moral story from this story.Get it!

Okayh, berikut adalah apa persoalan timbul selepas ak tgk movie ini:
  1. its i am in the correct field of study right now?
  2. what i wannabe in the future?
  3. adakah saya belajar kerana grade semata-mata?
  4. bolehkah saya mengadaptasikan apa yang saya telah belajar?
  5. apa yang saya boleh berikan kepada dunia terutama masyarakat umum suatu hari nanti?
Jawapannya ada pada diriku sendiri. Deeply think of it and jangan meyesal dikemudian hari. like the 3-Idiots always said "Aal Izz Well"

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